Things that make my day

Nothing much happened yesterday, and nothing much is planned for today. So instead of complaining about that, or revelling in it... have a list of things that cheer me up in no particular order.

  • Really good chocolate
  • Hot bubble-baths
  • Snuggle time with Beloved
  • Actually catching an SPG art stream while I'm awake
  • Making a quality pun and watching everyone else slowly collapse from the pain
  • Steam Powered Giraffe in general
  • Steam Powered Giraffe in person [Ultra-rare!]
  • No-brand cheap-as-F tea with 3 sugars and too much milk (Ah, childhood)
  • Hot chocolates
  • Iced chocolates
  • Gourmet ice cream :9
  • Split pea & ham soup [bonus points for egg noodles]
  • When the writing goes really well and everything just... flows. And I come up for air and I've done at least twice my quota
  • Comfortable warmth. You don't need a jumper, you don't need a fan. The air is unnoticeable unless there's a breeze and nothing bothers you
  • Being able to afford the things I want as well as the things I need [Super-duper mega rare!]

And, of course, the super-duper ultra-mega rare happenstance of things actually going my way for a change.