Things I have to figure out

Since it is a bit of a haul to my friend's place in Tullagawoopwoop, and there is a little bit of a dire situation with some supplies...

I really need to figure out how to mail someone a meat tray.

My first thoughts are: Freeze it solid, wrap in foil, place in cold bag, and overnight that sucker to my friend. If they and I work out a really good system, the empty cold bags would also come back by much slower post.

It's either that or an eski exchange at a pre-arranged point once a fortnight. Which would kinda cane my fuel budget. And my car.

Mailing bulk tins of things won't be nearly so much hassle, but hardly anyone does good tinned meats.

It's something Beloved and I can unriddle at a later date. In the meanwhile, there's lots of things I could send to help life be less problematic... that won't break our bank in the process.