The downside of being flexible. Part 20 Bajillion

As it turns out, having come fresh from seeing an expert, my foot problems are 100% related to me being hyper-flexible.

Loose ligaments FML.

I am now the proud owner of some orthotic inserts that make me feel like there’s an extra pair of socks in my shoes, and some instructions to go find better shoes.

The shoes I am wearing are bad for my floppy feet. Hu-freaking-zah. I need stiffer shoes with a firmer grip, but that still have shock absorbers on the heel.

And I need to roll a frozen 600ml bottle around under each foot for 15 minutes each day. I am going to firkin HATE doing that. Hate with the power of ten billion primeval supernovas. With a high chance of Death Star Quasar thrown in.

If it was summer, I could enjoy it. But no. I have to get this recommended treatment done ASAP in the beginning of what might be the nastiest winter to date in my neck of the woods.


BUT - the good news is thus:

  1. I do not have to have needles stuck in my foot
  2. I do not have to pay $200 plus postage and handling for a pair of shoes
  3. There’s a chance for improvement!
  4. I can actually wear moderately normal shoes. If I also use the orthotic inserts.

Therefore: Rejoice. I am getting better.