The big 'vote' and other noise

We got the snailmail that could change Australia, today. That's the plebiscite on homosexual marriage. I instantly noticed that it's a survey and not even slightly related to influencing Australian law.

Of course I voted for maximum freedom. Not that it matters, really, because it's a firkin survey. The cowards of Canberra are testing the waters to see whether or not this is an issue worthy of becoming part of the platform. Or becoming a referendum.

I did not art, this morning. Because once more I binged on The Adventure Zone until around eleven. Those McElroys are hilarious. If I had to stay up for forty-eight hours, TAZ would definitely help.

You should look the podcast up. Play from the first episode. Laugh your ribs sore. Totally. Worth. It.

I'm making a somewhat special trip to the shops, this morrow. I need Seratide [something is in the air and kicking me in the throat], Mascarpone, and to post that damn survey question.

Just think: The Australian Government decided to spend millions of dollars on a postal survey, instead of having a referendum and being done with it. Because they're scared Australia might vote 'yes'.

We got some homophobic firkin cowards running our country. Bellies as yellow as your average lemon. I encourage everyone to bring up gay marriage when the door-knockers come asking about your politics. Gay rights. Trans rights. Black lives matter. All that stuff. Let it be known that you, at least, want to move forward.

Don't let the cowards win.

Rant done with, I'm off to do the shop thing. And then I shall be back for story.