Thank you for your suggestion, but...

About a week ago, MeMum suggested that I should have breakfast before I go on my daily walk. Apparently it's supposed to help boost my metabolism and burn fat and thereby assist in losing weight.

It hasn't been that effective because I sit at my computer and browse Tumblr whilst I ingest. Because multi-tasking is a habit that's more or less expected, these days.

And once I'm done with breakfast, I automatically get started on my blog, story, and where applicable, my novel in progress. And I don't get up until somewhere near lunchtime. When it's way too hot to go walking.

And by the time it's cool enough to go walking again, I'm too buggered to do it.

I tried to tell her. I did. I have huge amounts of inertia once breakfast is in the equation.

So this Monday, I am making myself go for a walk right after I wake up and finish abluting. It's the only way.

It's too late, already, this morning. I just had breakfast and the mercury is rising.