Tech Support Today

I wear a lot of hats, some days. Primary Parental duties take care of most of them, but there's also the whole author/illustrator/sometimes-musician thing going on.

I'm a video editor, low-level IT expert, and occasional therapist as well. In my spare time.

And lately, I've been teaching myself how to use Adobe Animate. Fun stuff.

And I have a LOT of ideas on the back-burner. I have so much back-burner it's amazing I even have a front-burner. I get most of those things done. Eventually.

Today, though, I'm headed off to MeMum's now that Mayhem just has a Lurgi and not the Plague. She has a printer to tame and, I have no doubt, things to obtain that could use the help of my car.

I haven't shared much of the latest arting, lately. I'm working on Love, the butterfly, which will be one of my very rare frame-by-frame things. Currently, there's not much in the way of arting, because it's copying the wing layers and buggerising around with the magic arrow. That's not art, in my mind. That's jiggery-pokery. I finesse the downstroke and copy-flip for the other side of the wing motion. When it's Done, I'll post a gif.

But I have a story to write and, I hope, not much in the way of spacing out.