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Challenge #01928-E104: Tag, You're Undead!

The homo genus utilized the persistence hunt as one of its primitive hunting strategies. The homo genus, including homo sapiens, is remarkably well suited for this. We are relatively hairless for mammals (it's actually just much thinner than most mammals' hair), bipedal, sweat over-actively, and our legs (from the soles of the feet to the connection at the hip joint) are very well suited to distance running.

With that said ... I just learned that a few Kenyan villagers ran down a cheetah that was hunting their herd of goats in the midday African heat. A human -- remarkably slow sprinters -- literally ran down the fastest existing land animal over a long distance. The tortoise always wins. (They gave the cheetahs to the wildlife authorities, so no fatalities other than goats.) -- Nonny

Bigass Park, said the signs outside of the entrances to it. Closed for Deathworlder demonstration. For further information, visit... and then there was a reference link to a free information feed. Inside was an education and an experiment at the same time.

"Zombie Tag," said Shayde. "That's the name of the game. Those wearin' the brown headbands are observers only. Must'nae be touched. Those wearin' red headbands," she put one on, "are th' zombies. Everyone else is fair game. Med stations are out of bounds unless ye need one. Ye can run and hide anywhere ye like, use th' vendomats, rest where ye can. But keep in mind, th' zombies can only go after ye at a slow lurch."

The doubters, all 'prey' laughed as one of the volunteer humans demonstrated a lurch. They had no idea what they were in for. They all thought that humans were soft and unworthy of their title of 'Deathworlders'. Especially after five centuries of relative sedentary living. Indeed, some of the zombie volunteers were the doughy, well-upholstered desk set. One used a mobility aid. In less than five hours, all of those doubters would be believers.

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Tumblr can have good things

Despite the staff's incompetence in all things design and user-interface related, Tumblr is still a place where creative people can get together and make interesting things.

Ideas are circulated. Expanded upon. Shared and, in at least one case, developed to fruition. One such example is my book, The Amity Incident which started life as a Tumblr post expanding on the premise that humans are space orcs.

Well, it gets better. Once upon a time in 2012, Tumblr user GoddessOfCheese put up this

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