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Challenge #02570-G013: Happy For Some

Welp since I learn that cursed knowledge I’m dragging y’all down with me with your own curiosity. “Happy tapioca” isn’t all that happy -- Anon Guest

[AN: Urban Dictionary holds all the answers to this mystery and I am positive the average reader does not want to know. Personally, I think it's a waste of perfectly decent pudding, but if it floats your boat, keep it private, thanks.]

When civilisations exist in post-scarcity, the weirdness multiplies. When people can have anything that helps them feel happy... the odd corners seem to multiply. That said, some things can be difficult to arrange.

In those corners, the Niche Therapists thrive. It is difficult for many newcomers to understand the exact role of Therapists in Galactic Society. Some mistake them for sex workers, but that is only part of their training. They are there for the mental wellbeing of any cogniscent who needs them. They are trained in all forms of wellbeing therapy, psychology, religion, and positive haptic feedback.

Most often, that therapy manifests in the form of talking. Haptic therapy is most often forms of grooming or massage, or a comforting embrace. The tawdry side of things is far rarer than any might think. Those who do occupy that niche tend to learn things every day. Those who do occupy that niche often need the services of the remainder of the Therapists.

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