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Tuesday, Patreon and Wuzgunnas

I was gonna find time to cash in all the bottles and cans confounding our carport. That time keeps cycling around. And not arriving.

So, with the forces of determination on my side, I should make some hours to cash in the cans. And, if I'm really lucky about it, do a Costco run to stock up on all kinds of stuff that we've run out of.

Fingers crossed.

If not today, I might make it part of our nonsense tomorrow. Sometimes, doing stuff together is as important as having fun together. I hope.

There's lots of things that must be done, and insufficient time to do it in because other stuff gets in the way. Working out the balance is a continuing effort. Needs must versus Wuzgunnas versus the ever-hungry treadmill of content.

Some of that is going out today. Which means I need to make more for next week. And so on.

Flying Wuzgunnas

My best-laid plans go agley so regularly that I have a term for it. Wuzgunna. As in, I wuzgunna do that, but something else intervened.

  • Wuzgunna visit MeMum, but she said don't because lurgi
  • Wuzgunna write a long thinkpiece, but I slept on my wrist wrong and have to be careful with myself
  • Wuzgunna go out shopping for a few things, but now I can't be arsed.

As you can see, a Wuzgunna can have any range of things that stop it

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