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How to help laterunners in the Inkitt contest

When you go to the writing contest, the first stories you see are the ones that have been around long enough. First in, best dressed.

So please do the following:

  • Click on the link that says “Latest” and read from the newest stories to the oldest.
  • Vote for all the ones that really get to you
  • Leave helpful reviews for their authors
  • Share links to those stories, and the writing contest, across all your favourite social media streams

It takes three seconds to click a heart. Two minutes to leave a review. Less than one minute to share something on Twitter or Facebook.

Give the artists you love a little of your time. They’re worth it, aren’t they?

Of Cats And Kings by CM_Weller

Of Cats And Kings by CM_Weller

I thought I didn't have time for anything more elaborate, so I dredged up one of my old Once Upon A Time And Space tales. Not so much of the sci-fi in this one. But enough of a subtle twist on the old tale to make it

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