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Thanks a bunch, Notch

So, you’ve all heard by now - or all of you that care about Minecraft - that they’ve updated Minecraft again with taller worlds. Yay. And jungles. Yay. And massive trees. Yay. And pet cats. Yay.

And I now have to re-make my adventure map in progress because I’m that gosh-darn obsessive-compulsive.


It’s times like this that I wish Minecraft had a copy-paste mode. Or mass replace commands like the maps in World of Minecraft (coughfreeplugcough).

Because digging/rebuilding a large volume of large rooms with scenarios and redstone and every last sort of malarky I could think of is not just a can of arseholes. It’s not a sack of arseholes. It’s a frikkin’ large shipping container of arseholes with a side order of armpits.

At least I get the swamp/jungle I wanted in room 3.

And then there’s the thing I’m dreading - destroying the original. Yes, ‘cause retard!me decided to add hazards like lava and water and monsters, oh my!

At least it gives me something to do when I’m resting my feet.