What Makes Us Human

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Challenge #02060-E236: The Way to Make Change

Humans gonna Human -- TheDragonsFlame

A mother in a war zone hands her baby up to a complete stranger, knowing that they may never meet again, but her child has a chance at something better than this. Bullets sing through the air. Fire turns the surrounding landscape into tones of amber. And the last evacuation vehicle leaves the few remaining to their fate. The mother smiles anyway, and waves 'bye-bye' to her child. Pretending, perhaps for a last handful of minutes, that everything is going to be fine.

A pilot pushes their vessel's engines to the maximum. He runs a cargo ship, not exactly equipped to deal with any of this, but like hell is he going to save some rich asshole's industrial equipment when there are people who could be saved instead. He helps the panicked masses toss out cases and adjust shelving so that they can cram into the empty spaces like cordwood. They have nothing, but they are alive. And they are grateful.

A soldier only spares a moment to realise that their weapon is empty before yelling defiance at the attackers and using it as a bludgeon. Ze may not survive, and ze knows it, but if it buys the rest of hir unit a few more seconds for the evacuation, then it's worth it. Ze kills five before stealing one of their own weapons and turning it against them. Mowing them down like wheat. In two days, ze will be the Hero of Zangria Five, but at the moment, hir priorities can be encapsulated in the words, Stop Those Bastards.

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