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Challenge #03480-I192: Same Song, Different Singers

A ruler had just ascended the throne, and began to look into the reports of what was going on in the kingdom. They knew some of it, but until their father retired, there was little they could do. Now, they were going to crack down on the mistreatment that so many, like the Tieflings, Kobolds, and other "lesser" races, were receiving at the hands of the authorities of this nation. -- Anon Guest

Being unwelcome is a self-defeating life. One is judged, not on one's own behaviour, but by an imaginary "ideal" that is a conglomeration of all the worst things one's own kind could possibly be capable of. Or, for that matter, what they could impossibly be capable of. They are followed by the Watch, from the moment they enter a citadel, to the moment they leave it. Just in case they commit a crime.

When one is both overcharged and short-changed by "decent folk", reviled, rejected, and refused service: it's only natural to be a bit prickly.

Even the most noble soul could crumble to pieces under that kind of pressure, and the new King Iyrnfest understood that. He was among the rare few. He was not the firstborn heir. Not even the third, as favoured by so many faerie tales. He was fifth in line and expected to be one of the diplomats of a less-favoured ally. As such, he had learned a lot about the so-called "unwelcome peoples".

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