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Today's the day!

The big pile of shiffraff on the dining table is going DOWN. I already successfully cleared off all of the dirty cups, bowls, plates, and cutlery. Now it's just the crafting scrattle that has to find a home. And, after a clean and wipe down, I will set up my earring-making station in a more logically amenable place.

This might take some jiggery-pokery. But at least my budding business and the family will be able to cohabitate.

Today is also the day when I write 1K words into my novel so that I don't have to do it on Saturday.

If I have trouble with the narrative, I will get up and put five things from the table away. Until I have run out of narrative or things.

Which will make the rest of the task easier for the day.

I am making progress on unmucking the house. Good progress. The majority of the kitchen/dining area no longer has garbage lying around. Most of the front room is likewise. There is very little to find in the computer room.

The only places that are messy to the point of daunting are the kids' rooms, the spare room, and the garage. All else could probably use an hour or so to completely unmuck.

Y'know. Before the family returns and messes it up again.

I have so much energy, this morning, I'm actually cooking my breakfast instead of adding hot water to it. This is a big deal for me.