Weapons of Mass Destruction

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Challenge #02200-F010: Mor Daka is Bad

Aliens learn about the Atomic Bomb.

"You use WHAT to BUILD A BOMB!?"

"cold war.....Cold War, are you shi* me?"


"WHAT do you mean, they are STILL being Used ?!?"

Imagine a shattered Class 6 deathworlder learning about this.

Imagine how Havenworlders would react ^^ -- Anon Guest

[AN: Class 6 are purely theoretical, in an environment that would be hostile to most known means of evolution, so I'm going with Class 5]

"I wouldn't colonise that graveworld, if I were you," warned Zef. They were a hundred AU's from the Hephtous ship, and that was pretty much the minimum safe distance. They were Class 5 Deathworlders, but even those tough nuggets had their limits. "The previous inhabitants decided to nuke themselves into oblivion."

There was a few minutes' wait. In-system comms between non-friendlies took time. Zef did some sudoku to pass the time in-between basic ship and self maintenance.

A reply came back in broken Galstand and the Hephtous vessel had come to a relative stop. "We extending comms relays half distance, you doing same. Request clarification for meaning - nuke."

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