We Appologise for the Inconvenience

A 2-post collection

So here's the sitch

I had a reasonably large nap this afternoon, and when I awoke, I realised two things:

  • Hey, there's a new season of She-Ra on Netflix
  • Whoops, I didn't fictionalise that prompt I got

So I merged both of those into a really long and non-productive ficcing session [because cartoons are pretty] And I wasn't done much before 11:30... when I planned to be up and about for Toasty's stream in which I see more of the new video come to form.


I'm going to be MEGA tired when the caffeine wears off.

So if my story today is late, you now know why. It's because I'm an addle-daddle dummins who wanted to watch cartoons, fic, and keep tabs on a stream all in the same wakefulness episode.

It's gonna hurt, but I have the rest of today to recover. Sorta.

I'm gonna need all the luck you have to spare thanks.


Not just a noise of frustration, dear readers, but also a recurrant problem I have encountered with the running of this site. And it's a weird one.

This publishing system has trouble with F words. And not the F word you might be expecting.

Just take a look. This is what my editor sees:

[Image shows correct text with the proper spelling of a certain typo in the published version.]

And this is what happens when the exact same text gets published:

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