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My Face Hurts

There is a low pressure system somewhere. I can feel it in my left eye orbit. Starting at the bridge of the nose and graduating into the lower half of my eye socket. At least, thanks to some Panadol, the pain has ebbed from reaching my left temple and threatening to graduate into my teeth.

I paid $3K to have my nose fixed and therefore suffer this for potentially the rest of my life. Huzzah? The bonus, that I snore less harshly and breathe a little easier in my sleep, doesn't seem that worth it during cyclone season.

Today, with luck, I shall be cleaning the house, today. And it needs it. Three days of slobbing about have turned the whole place into a disaster zone. At least I did something about the stockpot, and got most of the stinky stuff out of there.

I think I'm getting closer to a natural end for Warp and Weft but I don't know if I'm there, yet.

I do know that I'm less than nine weeks away from the end of Clockwork Souls. Which means that I will be putting the call out for peeps to read it and check for errata.

And my next book will be up to a poll which I will have running for a week or maybe two. I'm way ahead of my usual schedule with Souls so a little bit of faffing may be warranted.

And it's just occurred to me that I have a lot of B-named worlds:

  • Britania - literally part of Britain turned into a planet
  • Beach - A bunch of Save The Cetaceans peeps took dolphins and other acquatic life with them. It's mostly islands and the people there can speak Dolphin. Some gene modding has happened, but they're mostly Genners
  • B'Nar - planet where a bunch of different companies decided to make their own laws and gmod EVERYTHING. Almost ascension-level tech, cloning, brain backups, etc. People are engineered for a task, and are interchangeable parts of their tech. May come with using Cat Staukin as a main or side character.
  • Brav'nu - planet where the colonists decided to not terraform. Goes about as well as one might expect in the circumstances. It's amazing they're not a graveworld TBH

Obviously, I need to shop for other starter letters. I mean, there is Nufurria and the assorted Greater Deregulations, I can pick one of those. Or let my audience pick one of those.

And the year following that... I start working on the Kingdom of Sand trilogy. Three books. Back to back. With loads of world-building and all. Unless I somehow manage to drum up interest for Murder Dollhouse between now and then.

And in between all of this, I need to sign up an agent, sell Adapting, maybe earn enough to pay a pro to look over Beauties and the Beastly and sell that TOO... and Rael as well.

I have so many books in limbo, it's not funny.