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Challenge #02035-E211: The Magic Grandma

[Title: Invisible actors] You never see them normally, they often look drab and ordinary - till they open their vocal cords. (She was a little old lady, well dressed, out of place at a science fiction convention. "Close your eyes!") -- Anon Guest

[AN: Does nobody read the pinned notifications on message boards any more? ::weeps:: ]

"I've been onstage for one minute, and I can already see a host of disappointed kiddies in the groundling zone," said the charming old lady. "You were all expecting a cartoon to come on here, weren't you?"

A dubious drone of 'yes'es from the bolder ones. Crying from the younger ones.

"It's going to be all right, now dearie," she cooed. "Just listen." She cleared her throat. Held herself just so, and the voice of Peppe Panda issued forth. "Hullo thar me liddles. Don'cha cry, now. It's all gonna be apples an' cheese."

Four of the smaller ones completely lost their minds. There was shrieking and giggling and applause from the older fans.

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