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Challenge #02157-E328: The Melody Lingers On

few things annoy or irritate a human more than an unfinished tune or ditty...

ESPECIALLY the simplest ones, notably "a shave and a Haircut" and "Pop goes the Weasel" -- Adam in Darwin

Humans have an alarming attachment to rhythm and melody for a species so centred on sight. Many prefer to have "their tunes" in the background during work, and many more are victim to the Ice/Pressure phenomenon[1]. Humans say that music is a universal language, but even they have conflicts about what music can mean.

Most irritating to Humans are rhythms that are very slightly off from their expectations. Cut off rhythms or melodies, especially the simplest ones. All Humans seem to know "Shave and a Haircut, Stay Clean"[2] or assorted nursery songs associated with mulberry bushes.

With incorrect rhythm and timing, one cogniscent of any Havenworld level, can cause immense anger in Humans. It is strongly advised that Havenworlders do not attempt to use this factoid as a means of manipulation. As Byolith Mees found to her detriment.

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