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I’m going to have to work on leash-training the hound at home. Lord knows I lack the capability when out on our morning constitutional.

I left the check chain at home this morning. It wasn’t working to stop him tugging, and it was just hurting him.

Just the ordinary leash on his harness hurt my wrist from the near-constant pulling, but then I don’t matter.

I’m just a human.

Still, walking every day will help me lose weight and help the dog by getting him out and about. And if I can get him to come to heel and walk with me, then we can both enjoy the experience.

When I’m no longer puffing and blowing after a walk around one block, I may go for two blocks. Set off all the dogs around the neighbourhood in one go.

But right now, my wrist hurts. My legs hurt. My back hurts. And it’s a bit of a pain to get a whole lung full of air. I clearly need to keep going until I get better or it kills me.

And I only got a paragraph and a half done on my novel.

Ah well. Progress is progress, I guess.