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Good things and bad things

I woke up to the news that someone I dearly admire was recently sexually assaulted by the TSA in order for the common public good. Apparently flying whilst transgender is equivalent to hijacking an aeroplane and flying it into a building 9_9

I wish I could make it better, but I'm genuinely powerless.

The TSA does absolutely nothing to protect America from Terrorists. What it does do is make travel inconvenient for everyone.

And worse - it happened in Texas. The United State most likely to pull dickbag moves from somewhere in the previous century. You have a bad reputation, Texas. Pull you conservative thinking into this century, please.

I do not understand the TSA and security in general's concept of picking on the people who stand out. Aren't the evil ones supposed to be blending in and escaping notice?

Good news - four of my 19 orders have gone through China's customs. They have yet to leave Asia because of public holidays, but I will be watching from my computer.

Bad news - I had to extend the processing time of three of them so that they didn't get cancelled by the automatic robots. I really hope I don't have to wait 114 days for the orders to launch. I'd much rather start this nonse next month than next year.

I can't stop people being mean... but I can make pretty things to boost the spirits of the bullied. It doesn't seem like nearly enough.

Gotta start somewhere.