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Saturday, Plague Day 19, Time Sucks

Time is pressuring me, and there's not enough money for all the nonsense that needs to happen. Kait's truth day - her coming out anniversary - is approaching and I really want to get her a present and buy her a cake for the party.

Jolie still needs her dental seen to and that's a three figure bill and I had thought we need only wait one payday, but nah. Other bills eat money.

BUT - not a lot of dosh.

I want to have all my potential publishers lined up before I flick my books at people. But I can't really wait that long.

I might have an 'out'.

One potential publisher has a turn-around window between three months and one fucking year. That could either tie up Adapting for an annoyingly long time or a relatively short one. I have another one that's got a window of ninety days. Those are the known factors. The rest will be assigned an arbitrary window of six months without any further data.

I can begin my Domino Strategy1 with the year-window mob, move through the arbitaries I found so far, and then go for the ninety-day lot.

All the time adding to my list of potentiates by the ongoing filter process. I will rearrange the list as further information is gathered.

If I get accepted - win. If I don't... I'm still working on it.

It's still even more stress on my system.

In personal health news, I am still on the roids for at least two more days, following today. I will have to enquire about the puffer whilst also talking about the referral. Which will probably end up being more money down the drain if things go ahead.

Oh. And there's also wedding 2.0 to plan and arrange and I haven't even done the art upgrade for the outfit I want to wear to the thing. Kait has to pick out a dress and we have to find a venue and... AAAAUUUUGH.

Some good fortune would be nice.

  1. Step one - fling Adapting at one publisher. Step two: Upon rejection, fling next book at same publisher. Step three: choose new publisher for step one.

Tick Tock?

It's a quarter past eight.

Mayhem has a quack's appointment at twenty past nine. In order to get him there, I have to be dressed and ready to leave at five past. In order to get dressed etc, I should move to do that at about ten to nine.

This leaves me plausibly three quarters of an hour to attempt to write today's Instant.

Probably not going to happen.

But I can certainly try.

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