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Challenge #02661-G104: Sorry to Cause a Fuss

Human to Alien: Could you please have the head of engineering come here? Don't worry, nothing is wrong. I just... saw a way to improve this! I am holding it so I don't lose track on the spot I want to talk to them about. Please hurry... I don't want to "forget" what I want to tell them.

Human to Engineer: So... Please keep this quiet. I don't want to cause a panic and make this worse... But, if I let go of this everything is going to get REAL bad REAL quick. If you can find a fix or bypass immediately I would appreciate it... Not to stress you any but I am pretty sure my hand is (burned, frozen, bleeding, damaged) to much for me to use anymore already so we are kind of running on death grip right now. Sorry for the trouble. -- Anon Guest

Engineer Grorx stared at the Human, and looked past them at the hand they were concealing from more public view. It appeared to be a reasonably healthy skin colour, but... it wasn't the same skin colour as the rest of the Human. Scans indicate that the flesh there - half-frozen and half necrotic - was all that was preventing a major systemic collapse. The Human had evidently intervened when it was a small and ignorable trickle and, at a loss for what else to do, had used their own body to prevent catastrophe.

A part of their own body that was evidently and clearly sacrificed for the greater good. The rest of the Human was showing some undeniable signs of stress, so Engineer Grorx got on the private comms and arranged for the necessities to occur as quickly as possible. It wasn't just an engineering problem. It was also a medical issue, a PR problem involving civilian foot traffic flow, and an administration issue since several authorisations were necessary for all the other re-routing needed in order to actually fix the problem.

Worse, this was, at maximum, a space for only four butts at a time. Medik Lati would have priority over the injured Human, of course, and most of the other business could conceivably occur outside of this particular hallway junction... However, if anyone was going to insist on sticking their nose into things, it had to be second-shift Captain K'naax. He was exactly the type of captain who would insist on overseeing everything during his duty phase.

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