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Challenge #02362-F172: A Sundae on Foursday

First Contact should always be celebrated with Ice cream! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mzgn0b67oIA -- Anon Guest

Humans are pretty good at interesting food. Their food-on-a-stick philosophy has solved, and started, many combats, mostly over who gets the last theobromine-free chocolate one. The introduction of popsicles to the Galactic Alliance blew many a mind. So, too, did Ice Cream.

A ready and easily consumed, portable cold treat of fats and sugars. Some blended to be certain that there were no allergens present[1]. For those who could not, under any circumstances, consume fats, the Humans had already invented Gelato. It was too late, of course, since the very concept of Ice Cream became so rapidly accepted into the Alliance, that it became 'Gelato Ice Cream' in the hearts and minds of billions.

It happened that way with Chai Tea. It happened that way with Pita Bread. It has happened multiple times to multiple things. It will likely happen again until the end of intelligent life in the Universe. All efforts to prevent it have not been at all effective, more's the pity. However, offering the least-offensive food treats to assumed-cogniscent life is the fastest way to make a friend before surmounting the language barrier.

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