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Challenge #02878-G321: I'm Doing My Best Over Here

If I had a dollar for every time a extra-dimensional portal appeared and gave me powers, I would have two. Which isn’t much, but it’s weird that it happened twice. -- Anon Guest

Did you know it kind'a sucks to be able to recognise an extradimensional stick with a human on it[1]? I can tell you for free that it creeps me out every single time. The first time, I was five and thought my kindergarten teacher was a monster. I was always confused that nobody else could see the stick with a person on it.

At least sticks with people on it can sort of tell that they've been spotted. It's how I got my first Gift. It's not ever spelled in small letters, and it's barely a gift. Greeks and wooden horses. Fae and ill-worded wishes. It's that kind of deal. They're studying us, and don't know everything.

The first Gift was to be able to tell the malevolent ones from the benevolent ones. According to my judgement of malevolent and benevolent. Of course, I was five and wanted to know, "which ones the meaners are." So now I can tell which people on a stick are being cruel to other people.

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