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Challenge #03150-H241: An Idiot in the Dark

The apprentice wizard had screwed up and had messed up the invisibility spell. They were stuck. They went to find the immortal wizard Wraithvine and found them with the bugbear child and the kolbold companion. Soon as the bugbear child spotted them, they cried begging for help. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Possibly related to this one. Making me look these up eats time]

Being invisible sucks. Though there are senses that make up for it, like seeing your hand in the dark[1]. However, actually looking messes that up. The good news, slight as it was, was that the invisibility spell had worked on Yngvar, hir clothing, and anything ze carried. It even kept hir safe from splashes of telltale liquids.

The bad news, and there was plenty of it, was that Yngvar was stuck like that. Most spells fizzle out until an action is performed, a spell cast, or a certain time period expires. Yngvar had had made the mistake of looking into curses for a spell duration boost. And like any other curse, it clung like a lover.

There was only one person who could help. One wizard who had been everywhere, seen almost anything[2], and just about done it all. Wraithvine the Eternal would know about things that tended to stick. The real trick would have to be making hirself known. Because, since Yngvar's aim was stealth, any sound that could give hir away was also muted.

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