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Challenge #02139-E310: Cute, Fluffy, Deadly

The survey leader folded hir forelimbs and radiated annoyance. "It is small, furry, and completely unarmed. The worst it can do is a scratch." Insectoid faces don't easily show annoyance, but this one made a determined effort. "What are you afraid of, getting an owie on your boo-boo?" -- Anon Guest

First rule of Deathworlder animals - there is no such thing as harmless.

First Invader G'thaz was among the first to discover that to hir detriment. The creature known to the natives as Possum, subclass Ringtail, focussed intently on G'Thaz's primary gripclaw and clambered up it, sniffing all the way.

"See?" said First Invader G'thaz, unaware that ze was moments away from impending disaster. "It doesn't even recognise us as a threat." Before G'thaz could take another breath, the possum clearly recognized hir as food by taking a huge chunk out of hir primary limb.

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