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Beginnings and endings

It's all tangled up in January. Sure, the year is over, but my Year of Instants won't wrap up until sometime in February. The story behind that being that I didn't start doing my Instants until sometime in February, 2013, and that kind of echoes on.

Maybe someone will give me a Multiple Prompt and I can whittle that gap down a little more. But probably not by much because this will be another Leap Year of Instants for 2016.

I'm also heading towards a happy ending for Peter and Iris [the WIP is now up to 41 chapters and 127 pages] I have two, maybe five chapters to go, depending on where my muse wants to crawl off to with this thing.

And I've passed the halfway point in my Pro-WIP, Adapting. A Shayde-meets-Rael story with all kinds of weirdness chucked in because Shayde.

I will release an Amazon Exclusive Novelette this year. It is called Free Baby and we're just niggling over title fonts at this stage. And it's all part and parcel of getting my arse in gear and my manuscripts voyaging towards dead tree press.

I've proved that I have an audience. I've proved that, even with my extreme LACK of advertising, I can still sell books. Now it's high time that I try and find someone to sell my books for me so I can focus on writing more of them.

And given that I can write damn near three hundred thousand words in a year, I can guarantee output. Some of it could even sell for something. It's a good thing that I write to entertain myself. Whenever I get bored, I write something. Or I browse through as many unfinished tales as I can and see if I can add a little something-something to it. Or edit it to a point where I am no longer in a corner.

What I need to do is have an ideas corral. Some master file of weird shit that is currently festering in my brain. Something searchable, because I have a mind like a steel sieve - anything that goes in never stays, and I need a good whack to get anything out of it.

All jokes aside, I do need something to keep my ideas in. Any suggestions?