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Challenge #00193: Impossible Aftermath

Well, It all started when X fell out of a tree…

He should have known. Having precogs amongst his staff was a matter of course. Every last one of them, including the mad human Lyr Marken, had warned him.

Don’t host an Ambassadorial Meet when Silly Season is due.

Maybe it was because Lyr had warned him first. Maybe it was lingering speciesism on his part -and he would have to work on getting rid of it- that made him not heed a warning given to him by a human.

And now…


Humans got into a ridiculous amount of impossible trouble during Silly Season. Even those of human stock, but altered genetics, got into such trouble.

The giant clydesdale-centaur ambassador to Mythos, Andri Champignon, was still moaning with the after-effects of whatever he had imbibed. The ambassador for B'Nar, Lise Vine, was huddled up in a corner and repeating, “Error, error, error…”

The ambassador for Terra was still attempting to dance the Time Warp whilst wearing a traffic cone on his head.

The instigators, ambassadors Shayde and Johnston, were playing a clapping game in their cell.

“At the risk of my own sanity,” Sherlock began. “What. Happened?”

“It all started when Shayde fell out of a tree,” Johnston began.

“Dibby dobber,” said Shayde. She was chronologically older than Johnston, but it was a matter of debate as to which of the two was more mature.

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