Spare Change?

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Hard slog

Poor Beloved is flagging. I can tell their personal batteries are running low because work/play imbalance and a lack of affectionate contact. All of this should be over by maybe Wednesday next week. The launch is this Wednesday, and the mad scramble to fix any gaps in the programming happen for a week after that.

After then, my love may finally have some time to spend in relaxation and family snuggles and just... recharging.

I might finally be able to shift those darn lawn chairs, today. $20 straight into the New Compy Fund. Yay.

Considering that I spent all my money by Thursday, this week, I'll take whatever slow progress I can get.

I'm still so very far away from my goals that I'm not even looking up how much I have. It's heartbreaking to realise there's so far yet to go, and no signs that you're getting anywhere.

But, hey, $20 is $20.

If you wish to help in my struggles, you can do so. Spread the word about my works that are for sale. Reblog. Go on a rant. Go off about your favourite thing about whatever. Tell all your friends on Facebook. Do fanart if you like. Hell, do fanfic if you like. Just... be mindful that I can't read it. I just have to know it exists. Use the tag #AmalgamUniverse or #AmalgamStation if you want to tweet.

You can spread the word for free.

And if you have a spare dollar, you can sign up as a Patron and gain access to all the stuff I haven't published yet. There's several levels of access and even one where you can pester me at any time via Discord.

And if you are extremely wealthy and can afford to wing $500 my way [my PayPal is "nutty (at) internutter (dot) org"] please give me your best contact details and we will have a nice chat about that book you'd like me to write for you.

I'm eleven weeks away from finishing the first draft of Rael, so this is an ideal time to drop me a huge amount of money and get my attention. This is usually the time that I start pondering my next book, so get in with that wad of cash now.

I can dream.

The heat's coming into the house, and I'm camping in the AC and bingeing murders on Netflix. Like you do.

This might be the year when y'all get only my sucky efforts at a cover for my All Hallows' Read story. Beloved doesn't have the time to fix my mistakes. Apologies in advance.

And now, I have a story to write before it gets too firkin hot.

Three cheers for cheap shops

Everyone in my area is suffering from budgetary problems, these days. And since everyone has less money to throw around, places to get things for cheap are starting to proliferate.

We've had three dollar shops in my favourite shopping zone for quite some time. The maximum we've had is five, during the worst of economic crises to date.

Well, this time, the cheap food places are proliferating. Not only are there two Aldi's within fifteen minutes of home, but there's a discount

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