Soursoil Farm

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Challenge #03569-I280: Pretty Poison

The farmer's spirit cannot return, but it can get a message through thanks to an observant medium. He forgives the death, understands it was an accident, and only wants for his family to find peace in their lives, and to live good lives. He also forgives the Elf that killed him, hoping the being finds redemption. -- DaniAndShali

Old madwomen of the woods were to be expected, honestly. In tracking the source of the farm's sour soil, Wraithvine had one leap on hir from a gorse bush. "It's you, it's you, I saw you. Wraithvine the Eternal, yes. Yes, they will call you that. Korben Tiller wanted me to tell you some things."

Wraithvine lowered hir defensive shield. "Did you know the man?"

"Not in the slightest," cheered the grizzled old lady apparently wearing a tangled mesh of vines. She also had antlers strapped to her head. A sure and certain sign of a Druid. "Old Minta keeps to herself, yes she does. The trees and the creatures of the wild wood are better company than many."

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