Sorry I'm Late

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I love that Google is cheeky enough to bring out a bigger, brighter, better phone than the iPhone7.

And I have to confess that setting up new apps to supplant the old ones I'm used to is a pain in the arse.

But the biggest pain in the arse is music. Porting ALL my music from iTunes is like unto a labour of Hercules. And it's not just because I own something like five weeks' worth of music.

No, it's because Apple Play streams those music files.

This is Australia. Our internet has two modes: sucky and non-existent.

And they bill us through the nose for an arm and a leg for any streaming services.

I need a way to transfer all of my nonse as data onto my phone without using the bullshit wifi transfer apps that also have two modes. And 'sucky' is currently off the menu.

If only I could sync my new iPhone with my computer and just hardwire that shit over there. That'd be fabulous.

Of course, I expect a few teething troubles with porting to a new phone system. This just happens to be the most annoying one.

And in other news... I actually had 24 hours' notice to transform Miss Chaos into a superhero for Superhero Day. So a quick rummage through what we had available and I produced:

  • hawaiian-print leggings
  • dayglo orange shirt
  • vibrantly pink swimsuit for that essential "underpants on the outside" look
  • a small cape from the costume box
  • and some makeup I had lying around

Putting the makeup on was the hardest part. Miss Chaos has yet to learn how to not scrunch her face up when someone is dabbing at it with damp sponge.

But nevertheless, I used all of that to successfully transform Miss Chaos into... (drumroll)

Laundry Hamper Lass!

She really cleans up on crime!

And in other, other news... our internet was dead all day. Hu-frikkin zah.