Shoestring Budget

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Dear Followers:

Yesterday (or thereabouts) you all saw this on your dashes:

This is, as you may have surmised, the cover to my first novel.

Let me tell you a little thing about this cover.

  1. It is not my work.

  2. It is the work of a very patient artist at Bespoke Book Covers.

  3. It is hella expensive.

  4. …and I’m broke.

I say “very patient” because we went through several-ty hundred revisions before we got to this. I’m currently dragging the poor soul through revisions of the third cover. He is earning every last cent of the money we’ve paid.

Now. In order for this to be worth it, I actually have to make sales.

Which means I won’t be making a red cent out of this until the second book’s published.

I need to generate buzz about this book and the two sequels. I need readers.

So I need news of this (and the following books) coming out to go as far and as fast as possible.

And my advertising budget is all in the cover art.

I need all of you to share the news. Let folks know about the publishing date (Oct 29, Eastern Australian time) and how awesome it is to have the book existing at all. That sort of thing.

Any fascinating ad copy you can come up with is just icing on the cake.

I don’t want anything as ludicrous as the Three Wolf Moon treatment. Just… buzz.

So. Between now and about two weeks after the 29th of October… signal boost the living shit out of this book, okay?