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We need food. It's that simple. One of the reasons why there's so little pasta or flour on the shelves is the supply chain is broken thanks to the plague. The other reason, I just learned is because some idiots in charge are still selling water to the highest bidder thus causing aussie farmers to be unable to farm. [TIL FML]

Hope you like almonds, because foreign almond growers are the only ones growing crops any more. Between them and the firkin fizzy drink makers, capitalism is literally draining this country dry. Something drastic needs to change, for reals.

Australia needs water to grow food.

I'm not part of the market of the almond-growers. Coconuts are a more water-sensible crop for flour and milk alternatives. I'm trying to keep my almond consumption down. However, I am just one drop in the international bucket.

Tomorrow is Friday and I think I have an episode of Inter-Mission due and honestly, time has lost all meaning to me. I check every Friday and the forces of inertia have been acting against me filling out the buffer properly. I can try doing that... later. The buffer exists for crises like this one.

This one counts as a mental crisis. I'm going to do my absolute best to get something done to fill out the buffer, but... the whole "feign death" portion of the mental shambles I'm living in has got me deep in the fog. I can barely keep it together long enough to do a daily tale.

It feels to me like these blog entries are just a thousand ways of saying "shit's fucked lmao" sometimes.

Shit's fucked. F.