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Challenge #02078-E254: Breach

[Camera recording ○○, Research lab. Subject identified as "Wolf I think?" by Interviewer] [Interviewer enters the room, Subject emits a pulse of light, Interviewer collapses on his knees.Blue light connects foreheads of both Subject and Interviewer] [Subject] I was... created for the sole purpose of... preserving knowledge of my creators. I was... cannoned? [Interviewer, unconscious] Launched. [Subject] Launched... Directly away from our [スタル]. It went supernova. [long pause, Interviewer wakes up, Blue light vanishes, Subject suddenly vanishes] -- 誰ですか?

"Oh shit," they said, sitting up. The cameras had caught everything, but they had more to impart. A flood of knowledge. A list of important things to do.

They sat there, typing at their computer, for a very long time. Disjointed, verbal shorthand so that as much could be preserved as possible before their fallible human brain could forget. But they did not forget a thing. By the time it was done, their butt was numb and their legs didn't work properly for two hours. They were exhausted, but sleep wouldn't come.

They left the lab and said, "The document I just saved needs action immediately. Importantly. Imperatively."

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Challenge #02052-E228: Wifi Fhtagn

We have found it... The mythical artifact of legendary power, rumored about since the 21st century... And now, after all this time, we have found it! The best wifi in the universe! -- TheDragonsFlame

It was small, and sleek, and had two antennae that made the whole thing look like an ascii-faced robot. Humans would easily see the 'face' and declare it as 'cute' or 'a little bit derpy'. Those not blessed with the capability for pareidolia would only see lights and

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