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Challenge #01381-C286: Hell's Rowdy Neighbour

Here in Aussie high school students celebrate end of 12 years education by one week called "Schoolies" often followed by hangovers, regrets, and long explanations to parents. The Media have a field day. -- Anon Guest

The music was so loud that it was incomprehensible. The crowds were so thick that movement was next to impossible. Most of the people present weren't wearing very much at all. The air was thick with a miasma of alcohol, hormones, and a not-so-subtle tincture of vomit.

The Doctor emerged from the TARDIS, took one look around, and turned back on the blue box. "Really?" he said. "Here? Now?"

The TARDIS remained immobile and silent, as it always did.

Holly had to yell at the top of her lungs. "WHAT IS THIS, DOCTOR?"

"AUSTRALIA," he hollered in return. "EARLY DECEMBER! THEY HAVE A TRADITION OF POST-HIGH SCHOOL REVELS!" A sudden silence washed over the area. The celebrants reached a point of stability and then stood still. "It's usually a time of dangerous excess, but this... this looks interesting."


The Doctor took out his sonic screwdriver. Scanned the crowds, and scanned Holly. A little adjustment to her hearing aids, and she made a deep sigh of relief.

"Oh thank you." She cracked her jaw. "What was that? It still hurts."

The Doctor was wriggling around between the motionless crowd. Lifting long hair, peering at everyone's ears. Well. Everyone he could reach. More scanning. More noises.

"Doctor..." warned Holly.

"None of the affected people are deaf," he said. "Isn't that interesting?" The speakers were moving, he could see that, but there was no sound he could see.

"Ow!" Holly winced and clapped at her ears. "Ow! Now it's throbbing!"

The crowds stomped their feet. Lined up. And marched in unison down the main street. Heading towards a distant building.

The Doctor was left standing in an empty concert area, but he was grinning. "Something's rotten in the state of Queensland," he cooed. "Let's wreck their cunning plans."

"This is why I'm always in running shoes," sighed Holly. "I just wanted to go for a swim. Build some sandcastles. Have fun."

"This is better than any of that," dismissed the Doctor. He started skipping in excitement as he followed the revellers. "Come on, then! Chop, chop."

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