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Monday, Day 0, here comes Scheherezade

Three new cases, Seventy-one total, sixty-six in hospital and two in the ICU. So that's three left spinning their wheels in a hotel somewhere. According to our PM, only one of those new cases is a local transmission.

Adding to the panic is the fact that the bloke initially diagnosed said he held a party whilst still infectious. Miscommunication, actually, since the party consisted of him and his four housemates, who are already isolated.


TAFKASPG has continued being an annoyance, so I'm cutting her off. If she continues being annoying, I'll block her. I'm telling the story of her scam, but I'm going to be hiding it amidst stories of other scams. At a later date.

Today, my concern is work. I'm writing my three thousandth story today and that's a pretty big deal. I'm also unmucking the house and reading a story for the Tale Foundry. Big day. Somewhere in this mess, I'm also booking an appointment to get my air meds. Aka, the medicine I need so I can still breathe. Yay.

In the news:

  • Dude who raped a 7YO dies in prison. Boohoo
  • Lady scowling at ScoMo as he visits football teams instead of people wanting to fix stuff has her pic go viral
  • SUV's have been catching on fire. How's that deregulation working for you over there?
  • More Meghan Markle bullshit
  • Queen's "favourite grandson" under scrutiny for driving to have a fling with a married woman during quarantine
  • Some fuckwit shot someone on a highway near Melbourne and is now facing consequences [#1 question - where did he get the fucking gun?]
  • Reality TV star shot
  • More details about the stripper dude who killed ten people. Stop giving him vainglory, you twits
  • Hackers may be targetting Parliament. Should'a signed up with NordVPN
  • The Evergiven, still stuck, is going to cause a TP shortage

It's bus o'clock, and I'm going to be working on my novel.