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Challenge #02028-E204: One Contentious Afternoon in a Laboratory in Neverwinter

why is it that in world travel or fantasy stories where a scientific world and a magic world meet that no one ever tries to mix magic with technology? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Usually because the Author has decided to Not Go There or it will end up like the Flintstones]

Someone had thought this through. Enchanting a central spindle with Endless Turning, and making it activated by the use of a button and a dial, and then making attachments to reduce the labor and potential for blood loss in the kitchen. There was a large bowl to collect or mix the ingredients. A shield to prevent the user from instantly destroying their hands in the whirling blades of potential maiming. There was a chute to feed things down and a device to press things into the chute.

"It can slice, dice, grate, mix, and julienne," said Maureen Miller. "Faster than even a world-class chef. No insult on your abilities, of course.

The best chef in the world, Taako -you know, from T.V.- sneered at the insult anyway. "That remains to be seen, my dear. I'm pretty fucking fast, you know."

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