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Challenge #02940-H017: But My Rep...

A: Was that you wife?

B: Don’t question it

A: But

B: Don’t

A: Why burrito?

B: What did I just say?! -- Anon Guest

It had been a typically Human conversation between spouses. As in, completely incomprehensible to outside observers. Including the final words, "Bye, babe. I gotta go burrito the babies."

Companion Gren couldn't not ask. An exchange that finished with Human Ben attempting to focus on her work while Companion Gren waited patiently for Ben to crack. Patient and anticipatory silence was Human Ben's weak spot. Every time she checked Gren or looked hir way, Gren was very visibly waiting patiently.

It took twenty minutes. Humans did not like silence. "You really want to know, don't you? You really want to find out about this. I can warn you, it won't match whatever you've been imagining for the past half hour."

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