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Random reason to love Steam Powered Giraffe #4

I could go on forever. I know. There's so much that I love about this band that I can barely keep it in...

But today? Let's go with: They are incredibly creative.

It's not just the songs and the makeup. Or the mechanical-imitation miming.

If you check out their site you'll notice that it's not just the music.

The art, the lore, the comic... heck, even the website itself - it's all a product of one or more members of the band.

And they still have time to stream videos. Or make music videos. It's like each band member is a whirlwind of creativity with the unstoppable force of your average juggernaut.

And they will even stream their off-time gaming experiences. Including D&D sessions with Steve.

Yeah. Kinda makes me feel insignificant by comparison.