Reasons to Feel Sad

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Well crap

My usual sleepy-time medication, a herbal anti-anxiety mix, failed and I woke up at 3AM today. I've been fighting it for an hour, but once I'm awake, I'm awake.

So I surrendered and prepared for today, only to find a whole bunch of vehicle related bills on my desk. Including a (gasp) speeding ticket! So I hate myself now because I'm usually so very good at keeping to the limit or just under it by 1kph.

And it's worse because Beloved took the points hit. Something about them having a paying career or some such. I don't know the entire legal intricacies because they're probably asinine in the first place.

On the plus side, we just got paid, so most of these bills will go away. On the minus side, we're still recovering economically from sending me to WWWC, so a little more belt-tightening and head-pulling-in is in order.

O, for the riches to not care about this shit.

At least Minecraft is free.

My last two videos from WWWC are due to go out today. And I should definitely make headway on the menu linking. And tomorrow, I should finish it. Yay. Which means that tomorrow, or the day after, you will all be able to access One Year of Instants (2015).

I'll be making sure the cover is visibly different from the previous two Years of Instants. A different hue to the background colour, and a visible year. [I did put the year on 2014's Year of Instants. See if you can spot it]

Shouldn't take too long to tweak that into existence. I could do that before the morning rush starts.