Possible New Term(S)

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My problem with "transmisogyny".

No, it isn’t what you think.

It’s because I’m a massive word nerd. I know that sticking “trans” in front of “misogyny” only covers an approximate half of the trans* community. It specifically calls on hatred of transgals only.

There is no “transmisandry” popping up anywhere. Either the transguys out there are better at transitioning, or it isn’t an issue [Like hell, it isn’t an issue; I muttered] or it allegedly shouldn’t exist because transguys are… still… girls… somehow.

Does not compute.

So, being aware of greek roots, but not to the extreme levels that MeMum is at [Hi, mum! Feel free to pitch in on this!]; I went on over to wikipedia and looked up the greek roots to find something new and more appropriate to cover the entire trans* spectrum.

Apologies in advance for the sucky suffixes. I am not a greek roots genius.

Anyway, without further ado: I came up with these potential winners.

Misheteracy - against the different.

Mishomony - against humans.

Misintercy - against those between.

Misjury - against justice. [OK, so I might have an issue or two…]

Mismedicy - against the middle.

Mismesy - against the middle.

Misonty - against existing.

Misopty - against choice.

Misplebicy - against people.

Misstrophy - against turning.

Misvicy - against change.

I’m leaning towards either mismesy, mistrophy or misvicy. But then, I’m cishet… I really shouldn’t have a vote.

So… Trans*folks everywhere… Which is the best word to properly label those who hate you without good reason?