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Challenge #02345-F155: Stressors

There are a great many types of Phobias.

Fear of Holes, Fear of Open spaces, Fear of Rain, Fear of Francesco and their Culture...

However, only Humans develop Phobias. No other species do.

(Go wild Writer ^^) -- Anon Guest

It certainly follows that those with irrational imaginations would naturally also possess irrational fears. Some have coping strategies to get around them, but some irrational fears mean never setting foot in a shuttle or small vessel. Those Humans tend to stay planetside, for the open spaces. Agoraphobes, on the other hand, adore going anywhere in livesuits.

For Humans, letting the people hiring them know about their phobias is an important process in the employment procedures. One cannot maintain employment as an Edge Territory bodyguard if one suddenly goes to pieces around an arachnid. Well, not if your crew doesn't know about this sort of thing in advance.

Phobias are not a weakness if they are handled correctly. If worked around, or approached with care, they can be advantageous. Anxiety and fear can make the sufferer hyper-aware, hyper-vigilant. Which is a very good thing when one is a bodyguard in the Edge Territories. Even if the first threat addressed is that of small, crawling creatures.

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