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Challenge #03518-I230: Mutual Exchange

Two ships, one Phlorian, one Human, both badly damaged. Two pods, only two survivors, one from each ship, crash land on a planet. It has a breathable atmosphere, but nothing for the Human to eat. The Phlorian decides to help so the human doesn't die, hope the Human likes hair, sorta. -- Anon Guest

The meat being was very useful, Valmys had to admit. He could use the environment, improvise weapons, and otherwise hunt or trap the fast things that she could eat. There was one problem.

The Human could not eat anything on this rock. Their food supply, and their nutrition printer, were both waning.

Valmys tried to help, loaning what compatible technology she could spare from her own ruined pod. She even went to the scattered craters of the crash zones for materials, parts, or anything useful. She could regenerate faster than the Human, after all.

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