Peace Offering

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Challenge #02930-H007: A Gift in Kind

They were supposed to be a massive, mindless, killing machines, huge and terrifying to behold, they were thin, nearly hairless, and soft-bodied under their suits. I'd heard so much of these beings, we all have, that the idea of one of their ships docking at this newly built station scared many of us to nearly soiling ourselves. Galactic Law required us to let them dock, they were in need of aid, their ship damaged almost beyond recognition.

They were supposed to be massive, mindless, brutal savages. Our newly built dock is now strong enough to fend off an entire raiding Vorax fleet. All it cost us was giving them lodging and food so they could fix their ship. -- Anon Guest

There is one law of the sea that is inviolate, and also has become inviolate in open space. Always respond to a distress call, for the distress may one day be your own. The flag of truce has always come with the cry of help, and it is the worst and most venal of crimes to pretend distress in order to attack anyone coming to aid them.

Therefore, when the Human vessel's distress call was heard by Lilli Station, there was some cause for panic. This was a Havenworlder system, with a Havenworlder station, and all associated safety measures... but they had to answer.

Here we are, they said. They added, Please do not hurt us, we will supply what you need. Accommodations are being adjusted. The Phrajji aboard did their best with the toughest materials they had to hand. Using available information to make things ready for the Human horde that would surely come and take advantage of the situation. They even laid in offerings of live domesticated animals in the hopes that the Humans would eat those first and not feel inclined to polish off the cogniscent residents.

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