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Friday, continuing efforts

I have to clean the catio this afternoon. It's already too warm for me. In the meantime, I am making progress with Map 15 and may yet finish it without experiencing a crash. Fingers crossed.

There's some steps I'm leaving for last on purpose.

On my continuing agenda is getting another week tagged and another chapter summarised as well as the map shenanigans.

I'm getting there. One little baby step at a time.

Wednesday, Wordpress and Output

I didn't get much of the output done, yesterday. Mostly because I was dealing with a scammer. That kind of thing fries my brain out.

At least I wasn't phished in.

This week's Wordpress will be more of Kosh's fanficcy shenanigans, and I can tell you that there are VAST differences between the fanfic and the novel(s).

I suspect there will be fans going down that rabbit hole in depth when it's published. [gotta believe it WILL be published] That's going

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