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Don't Panic!

The best advice comes from Douglas Adams. The best snark comes from Terry Pratchett.

The nurse did finally turn up. Huzzah. Antibiotics administered, one more such dose before Beloved is on the pill form and life can return to something passing for normal.

The cleaners also came and now I have like $15 (not counting my change) to pay for all assorted noise. I'm going to get my silver coins counted after I'm done with my Instant, today. Maybe that will make me feel better about things.

My proof copy of Kung Fu Zombies is in the mail and making its way to our fair shores. Also hooray.

My shrink tells me that maybe I should contact the guy who did I Had a Black Dog about a collab on anxiety. I'm pretty certain that (a) he'll tell me to fuck off and (b) my ideas will get stolen and put under his name.

If it ever turns out that my "Zero Effort" cartoons, viewable here, actually gain any kind of popularity, THEN I'll do them up properly and put them in a book of my own.

So far, it's only my shrink and I looking at these things.

Yes, the drawings are bad. They're mean to communicate an idea, not be hung in the Louvre. The only way to get them DONE was to draw them badly. Hence - "Zero Effort".

If they resonate, then share and enjoy.

If they suck, don't bother. I know they suck. I don't need to be told.