Organised Chaos

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Challenge #03348-I060: Morning Mayhem

Families are hard enough to get there on time. What about mixed group of small aliens, and Carer(s) taking them for an 'outing'. -- KnitNan

"Zolt, stop playing in your sib's livesuit, it doesn't fit," Pripa Lylon Kazemahou was still working on the lunchbox assembly line, but that didn't stop him from monitoring the kids' activity whilst his hands were occupied. Even a Gyiik's four arms were not enough to deal with such a full family. "Now put on the gloves and get a cleanser cloth and go over all of the inside there so ze doesn't get the sneezies today."

Zolt whined about it, but she got moving. Anyone can make a mistake, went the Kazemahou family saying, it's making things better that shows you're sorry.

Staas emerged, taking hir daily antihistamine. As a level one Havenworlder, ze had reactions to most of the rest of the universe. Zolt's deciduous scales were one of the things ze reacted to. Ze was one of the reasons why there were special sterilisers on the Kazemahou family kitchen countertop. "Thank you for cleaning my suit," said Staas, climbing in. "You've made sure I don't sneeze and itch all day."

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