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Wednesday, Day One, Hunkering

Tomorrow, I am unfuckening the house, then going on a cross-country expedition to bring MeMum over for the holiday. The story will happen later, if I don't manage to squeeze it in before I take off.

Fully expect to not see it until WAY later in the day. Yuletide traffic is always a bitch. I can try to keep it brief, but you should all know by now that the story takes me where it wants to go and if that happens to be half a novella, then so be it.

I see in the news that the Muppet gave ScoMo some high-order military honour when none of the above have (a) been in the military, nor (b) honour.

Still not looking too hard at the news. I don't need depression for Christmas. I had enough of that this past year.

If I could speak it into truth for 2021:

  • Muppet tried and found guilty of treason, his lickspittle cronies in the House and Senate [and in the rest of the bureaucratic machinery] are accessories. Sparking an enormous debate about whether it's appropriate to execute a former president
  • Biden refuses to pardon the Muppet
  • Green energy becomes the new high-demand thing, tanking Coal futures
  • In a rare display of giving a shit about important things, PETA successfully stops plastics from winding up in the ocean, dedicating themselves to scouring the oceans free of the stuff
  • A deadly virus stalks anyone with more than a US$1Billion net worth, thus sparking an era of benevolence formerly unprecedented and unbelievable
  • The search for a cure is fruitless for lack of funds
  • In other news, the fungus that eats plastic also shits diamonds for some reason
  • Message from the Aliens is received and translated as, "Stop blaming us for everything, you little shits"
  • This ratbag gets PUBLISHED! Subsequent book career quiet, but worthwhile. Movies made by dedicated fans much better than any pablum created by multibillion-dollar companies

Ah, but I have not the magic. Sometimes wish I did.