Occupy Camps

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Occupy Needs YOU!

If you live near an Occupy camp, or feel any kind of horror at the fact that the brutal arm of injustice is currently destroying books… Occupy Needs You!

To turn up.

Bring books, sleeping bags, tarps, food… Anything you can spare. Everything you can carry.

Bring them to the rally points and bring a message with you.

Occupy now needs to keep a watch on the police, to be aware of raids. People in the camps need to be able to grab what’s most precious to them and move at a moment’s notice. We can not allow this to happen again.

Occupy needs to sue the police in a class action suit against the loss of the property they are now destroying. Expense is the only language they understand. Make this as expensive as all hell.

And, most important of all, Occupy needs to get right back into the park, stronger than ever before. Show them that they can make things unpleasant, but they can not kill the spirit of justice. You can each contribute to something big, and something big needs to happen in America.

You can’t make them pay. Yet. You can make things awkward. You can make them inconvenient. You can make them expensive. You can make oppression more effort than listening.

This is a war on people who don’t want to spend anything on you. Make that impossible. It’s the only way to make them hear what you’re trying to tell them.